Kate Brauning is an editor at Entangled Publishing. She acquires young adult with romantic elements, new adult, and adult romance across Entangled's imprints. Authors Kate has worked with include Lydia Kang, Ingrid Paulson, Julie Hammerle, and Golden Heart finalist and RT Awards nominee Kimberly Bell, Books of note on Kate's list include USA Today bestseller No Kissing Allowed by Melissa West, Kirkus star recipient and Kirkus indie book of the month Island of Exiles by Erica Cameron, and the much-anticipated fall 2017 releases 27 Hours by Tristina Wright and The November Girl by Lydia Kang.

Books she's looking for combine beautiful, razor-sharp writing with a high-concept plot and surprising, nuanced characters. High-tension romances, big personalities, deep emotional journeys, rural settings, sibling relationships, and ambitious characters will usually catch her attention.

Acquiring inclusively is a priority of Kate's, and she's eagerly looking for manuscripts from authors of color, disabled, neuroatypical, queer/MOGAI authors, and authors of other marginalized identities.

Kate is available for speaking at conferences, book clubs, colleges, and schools about publishing, writing fiction, and editing, and for teaching workshops on a variety of writing topics, including advanced prose techniques, building a strong story spine, emotionally resonant plot and stakes, working with an editor, and revision strategies to take your work to the next level. Contact her at katebrauning(at)entangledpublishing(dot)com