Seducing Seven

A perfect addition to the romantic, madcap series that will have you laughing and swooning the entire book.
— NYT bestselling author Gina L. Maxwell

He bet on logic. She bet on love.

Romance author Seven Michaels believes in love to her very core. She has to—not only for herself, but for her readers. So when luxury salesman Blake Turner insults not only her books but the people who read them, Seven’s ready to throw down. How dare a playboy like Blake insinuate romance lovers are full of crap?

He wants proof? Fine. She bets Blake she can make him fall for her by using the rules in her latest novel before the end of the convention, or she’ll denounce love in front of all her fellow authors and fans at the Romance Lovers Convention ball. A dangerous game to be sure, but humiliating Blake is worth the risk.

But when Seven realizes she’s the one who’s being seduced, she’s no longer sure who is playing whom...or whether she’ll have a career when the bet is over.

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A sassy and fun story about what can happen in Vegas over a weekend. Does Blake change his mind about the validity of romance, or does Seven have to eat crow in front of her readers? Find out in Meredith’s latest entertaining read.
— Library Journal